Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I'm going to Gaza

My friend Tema often asks me to "start with what I know" when I talk about something.

The something that I'm talking about here is pretty huge, so I'll start with a list of things that I know...

  • I know I'm going to Cairo, Egypt with my friend J
  • I know that I am leaving for Egypt on December 26 and returning on January 4
  • I know that I am going with a group of people from around the world, that we are hoping to be able to cross from Egypt into Gaza to meet Palestinians and understand better the conditions that they are living in under the Israeli siege, participate in a march with Palestinians (and hopefully Israelis), and that I will be doing a lot of thinking and talking about this trip before I go and long after I get back
  • I know that you can get more logistical information about what I'm doing at this website
  • I know that I'm going to use this blog to keep a record of my thoughts and reactions to this life-changing trip, and that I'd be honored if you kept up with me through it
  • I know that I need support. This support could look like a lot of things over the next several months (and trust me, I'll let you know), but first and foremost, I'd love it if you'd support what I'm doing in the form of $$$

To do that, click here

Stay tuned for much more to come.

1 comment:

  1. Go B! Your trip sounds awesome. It's the difference between why I like my coworkers here, and why I love y'all back home. Can you put one those "subscribe" buttons on your blog so I can "subscribe" and get updated every time you post, and so I can "share" with other folks?

    I really want to share this with my AP Language students so they can write and call. I will put it out there for "enrichment assignment" so if anyone is reading on break, they can write on your behalf (and me too, of course).

    Thinking of you and your trip! Be safe!