Wednesday, December 30, 2009

URGENT!!! Please keep your eyes on Egypt!!!

Okay y'all, one more...

I just got an email from the folks in Cairo saying what the plans are for tomorrow. They are planning to march from the city center in Cairo and head out of town towards Gaza. Please note the tone of the message, and know that what these folks are planning is no joke. Egypt is a dictatorship, and they brutalize Egyptians all the time. So far, the violence towards internationals has been limited, but who knows what will happen tomorrow.

Please try to check frequently tomorrow and see if there are things that can be done (phone calls to the Egyptian embassy in D.C. to put pressure on them, phone calls to the U.S. embassy in Cairo or to congresspeople, media alerts to spread around, etc.).

This is a brave action that folks are planning, and I am proud to be marching in solidarity with them from the Israel side of the border. Please stay aware of things and support these folks if you can.

From the email:

"Plans for Thursday, December 31,

Tomorrow, international groups related to the Gaza Freedom March will join together for a united march to Gaza. We are demanding an end to the Seige of Gaza, freedom of movement for all Palestinians, and end to the Wall. We urge people around the world to join civil society in a boycotts, divestment campaign and a call for sanctions now.

Our protest will begin at 10 AM sharp in the heart of downtown Cairo. We are asking people to be in the area of the Tahir Square and the Egyption Museum. Please be in the area early. It is time to act like a tourist just as the Egyption Government has said we should do – window shop, buy coffee etc.

Please stay in small groups and pay attention. When the March begins, which will be visible by flags and sound, move to it as quickly as possible and add your energy and body to the flow. Once it begins, act like an Egyption and move through the traffic to join in.

Think of this as mosquitos or bees moving like a swarm to build our march. Once we are all together we want to stay tight, but know that is some place we will be flowing through the cars. We are nonviolent peaceful people. We do not want conflict, we want to go to Gaza to bring attention to the siege.

We do not know what the police will do. But we must be prepared for police brutality. We know they are capable of clubbing us, or physically pushing or pulling us around. If this should occur we will sit down.

Since it is likely that we will be stopped or corralled be prepared to spend some time together. Have ample water, food, things to keep war, and cushion if you need something to sit on comfortably. If we are stopped and held we will work together to decide our course of action.

There is room for everyone in this action whether you are marching on the street, watching from the sidewalk or providing support through media or electronic alerts about what is happening. You must make up your own mind if it is time to step out, but know that the more of us willing to hold the space the more power we have.

We are asking for an international delegation of women to lead this march. There will be a briefing at the Sun Hotel at 9 AM.

If your group did not do a walk through, please send someone to check in at the Sun Hotel by 8:30 AM sharp.

The most important thing is that we are coming together to support one another and take action on behalf of the people of Gaza and Palestine.

It will be a great day and we look forward to marching together in the streets!

It is rumored that we may be blocked in our hotels. If you find this to be true gather everyone together and go to their blockade and begin your protest march or rally at their blockade.

If we are physically prevented from getting to the area we want to be, send a delegate to the Lotus Hotel at 10:30 to re-adjust the plan. Make sure your group has a site to re-group by 11 AM in order to get the information from the Lotus.

Finally, check here for your embassy's number and keep it with you!"

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